Shin of Beef
St Buryan Beef

Shin of Beef

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Our beef shin is a great and inexpensive cut for slow-cooking. Cut from the back legs, it has a good layer of connective tissue running through it which melts during cooking, adding extra flavour and warming richness to any dish. Cook it slowly in the oven or stew for 3-4 hours, I love to cook mine overnight in the bottom oven of the aga, great in the slow cooker too! Use in curries, pies, stews and casseroles.

£10.00 per kg. Available in 250g increments

All of our beef is from our own farm, traditionally reared and grass fed on the lush West Cornwall grass of the Lamorna Valley. Our beef is well hung, then butchered by our traditional butcher on site at the farm shop. If you would like any advice on any aspect of the meat, from farm to fork, please call to speak to a member of staff, you may even be able to speak to Richard-the farmer.

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